Insured manager and marine provider.
Duty free fuel in Guernsey.
Super yacht services.

Boatworks Superyacht Guernsey - fully insured manager and marine provider

Boatworks Superyacht St Peter Port Guernsey are your primary contact, and fully insured manager and marine provider of:

•   Customs Services (stamped confirmation of exit from European taxed waters)
•   Immigration Services (crew list submission and paperwork completion)
•   Pilotage Services (escort vessel and/or pilot boarding for port entry and exit)
•   Berthing Services (pontoon berth to 50m, commercial quay over 50m)
•   Advisory Services (local Company Registry and Compliance Advisors)
•   Fuel, Supplies and Provisions (No Tax, V.A.T. or T.V.A. on any fuel or goods)

Guernsey is "Offshore For Tax" to the United Kingdom and Europe however, the Instanbul Convention of 1990 states the fuel is VAT and duty neutral. Therefore there are no restrictions on either Commercial or Private Superyachts taking on duty free fuel in Guernsey.

Fuel is ULSD/MGO diesel with no bio content (sulphur content typically 8.0mg/kg) and is supplied with full MARPOL compliance.

Marine Chandlery.

Guernsey Marine Fuel and Chandlery

In addition to marine fuel Boatworks + is Guernsey's leading boatyard and chandlery service supplying everything from marine paint to outboard engines and leisure wear. See more »

Marine fuel Guernsey.

Dock-side Fuel facility in St Peter Port

Boatworks Superyacht operate the only dock-side marine fuel pumps in St Peter Port Harbour Guernsey. All fuel and goods are VAT, TVA and tax free. Click here for location map ».

Gleistein Ropes for Superyachts

Gleistein Ropes is the undisputed number one for equipping the world's largest super yachts and is internationally renowned for its premium solutions built on a marriage of superior quality and top performance. Order your Gleistein ropes here »

MaxiStow fenders for Superyachts

MaxiStow Inflatable Fenders are market leaders in high quality, durable heavy duty inflatable fenders of all sizes, making them the ideal choice for Superyachts. Order your custom superyacht fenders here »

St Peter Port harbour.

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